100% Safe & Undetected

Our tool uses proxies integrated inside application source with automatically updating system so you will always stay undetected while hacking and nobody will ever track your real location and discover you out! The spying process of our tool is hundred percent secure!

100% secure


Our software and this website is not affiliated with official WhatsApp Inc. company. All law protected trademarks and material is property of their respective network.

For whom this app is intended

The WhatsApp Hack Spy is made for those people who wants to keep their things under control or for the ones who wants to protect someone from the outside danger. For example a parent wants to know what their child is doing when he/she gets out, with who is he/she hanging out, talks to, etc. Nowadays there is a lot of online crime spread all over the social networks, WhatsApp and other messengers, emails and other platforms. So this is a big reason why there is more suspect between people. Our application will also help to people who are in relationship so wants to know with who their partner is talking to, are they cheating each other, and many more reasons! If you suspect in anyone, here is your chance! Download WhatsApp Hack Spy and discover your partner's hidden secrets, Investigate their messages and see the stuff what you were always wanted to know!


Our tool is made by group or Russian developers who are working at many technology and online security projects all over the internet. Mostly in white hat manners, but WhatsApp hack tool was our big challenge to produce. It took us a months to find an exploit in the WhatsApp's security database system, and after many exhausting testings, coding and bug fixing we finally succeeded. The biggest credits goes to our team member Feyenor who managed to find main exploit in the WhatsApp's database code, where all these ideas to made working spying application started.

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